Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fabini, Eduardo

Eduardo Fabini(1882-1950), Uruguayan composer and violinist, studied at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, receiving prize for his violin playing. He returned to Uruguay in 1907, his tone poem "Campo" gained great success performed under Richard Strauss. His compositions include orchestral concert music, 2 ballets, pieces for guitar and violin.

Fack, Andreas

Andreas Fack(1863-1931), German poet, composer and teacher. He was a teacher from 1885 to 1924 in the  "Rhon-town"(Katlennordheim). He wrote a poem and composed the song "Rhon-song"(Rhonlieds). A school in Kaltennorfheim is named after him.

Failde, Miguel

Miguel Failde(1852-1921), Cuban musician and bandleader. He was official originator of the danzon, and the founder of the Orchestra Failde. He was first taught music by his father, later he learnt from a French tutor. His orchestra was highly successful.

Fajer, Francisco Javier Garcia

Francisco Javier Garcia Fajer(1730-1809), Spanish composer of Italianate galante school. He moved to Italy and studied there. He returned home as maestro de capilla of la Seo in Zaragoza 1756 till his death in 1809.  Fajer was out of favor for many years in Spain due to his promotion of Italianate musical idiom, however in recent years he has been rehabilitated  and taken on his own merit as a galante composer.

Fall, Leopold

Leopold Fall(1873-1925), Austrian composer and conductor, studied at the Vienna Conservatory, played and directed theater orchestra and wrote stage music in Berlin, returned to Vienna and his operettas gained success. He composed 3 operas, 20 operettas, waltzes, songs and overtures.

Falla, Manuel de

Manuel de Falla(1876-1946), Spanish composer, his mother gave fim first music lesson, then studied with private teachers, later studied in Madrid. During studying in the conservatory, he won the first prize, subsequently pursued zarzuela composition with great success. He composed operas, zarzuelas, ballet music etc. His most popular work is ballet "Three Corner Hats".

Fallon, Diego

Diego Fallon(1834-1905), Colombian poet and musician, went to London to study, discovering the poetry cultivated music as a performer of the violin, piano and guitar. His private life was far from that image fastuosa: led a quiet life of a teacher and gave private lessons in music.